I’m a Princess you say?

Let me preface these remarks with this, I may not be a Princess but I am a “King’s Kid” so maybe I really am special after all!

When I was a young lady my Armenian grandfather told me that I looked like the Armenian Princess, I accepted that from him, but I knew he had probably told every one of his granddaughters the very same thing, again that was acceptable, he was my grandfather. Later in life and dating as a divorced woman not so young any more I began to hear that adjective, Princess, in words, on text messages with little pictures of a Princess and I thought, “How cute, as old as I am to still be called a Princess” and felt a little flattered until that relationship ended and another started and dang if I didn’t hear the same things all over again! Many of the very same lines used again and again! Do these guys get together and have a list of things to say that they think no one will remember or compare to someone else? I had never voiced my disdain at this “endearment” until I saw the post that I have, with permission, copied and pasted here. For all you ladies, know that you aren’t alone and for you guys, learn a lesson!

A young lady who is not just a friend on Facebook but also a long time friend of mine posted this. When I saw this post I had to laugh out loud because I identified with it and asked her permission to use it. For all you ladies who read me and all the men who have ever done it, this is for you!

(name deleted to protect the innocent) It annoys me when guys refer to me as queen or princess. One, you don’t know my name. Two, if you were royalty, why are you single? The feminist in my dies a little bit every time I see that. But, today I struck back…#misadventures #onlinedating


I loved her reply! Hope you enjoyed this little detour from the norm for me, but really, IS there a norm for me?

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