Maybe next year

I am reminded of the story of Samson tonight. I have been watching the Super Bowl and Atlanta, for whom I was rooting, went ahead quickly and were in complete command of the game. With eleven seconds left in the game we are tied with the Patriots at twenty-eight points each and the outcome looks dismal to me. There are three seconds left in the game so before this article is finished I will know who won, I hope. Why does this remind me of Samson?

Samson was the tall, very handsome Judge of Israel for twenty-eight years but he had an area of weakness that did him in, his pride. Proverbs 16:18 says First pride, then the crash—the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.

Besides the fact that Samson was handsome and the Judge of Israel he had the favor of God and a well-kept secret, until it wasn’t. The secret of Samson’s Superman strength was in his un-cut hair. There was no power in the hair but in keeping the promise to God that it wouldn’t be cut. He forgot that his power came from God and he allowed himself to be flattered by the attention of the beautiful women who surrounded him and he forgot that all the amazing feats of strength he was able to perform were because the God he served gave him the power to do them. His life came to a crashing halt when he put his trust and his secret in the deceitful hands of Delilah who sold him out to the enemy. He had always been able to go out and shake himself knowing that God was with him and he would overcome, but now he was taken into custody, had his eyes put out and was chained to a grinding wheel like a donkey and became the entertainment of the enemy camp. But as they were laughing and sneering and making fun of this sightless man his hair was growing and he made amends with God and asked Him to let his strength come back one last time. God answered his prayer and Samson died but in his death took out more of the enemy in that one night than he had defeated in his entire lifetime.

He won after all but it cost him his very life. My grandmother would have said that Samson “got a little too big for his britches”, but God had mercy on him.

Back to the beginning, tonight as the game started the Falcons went so far ahead that I think they just got too sure of themselves. They were busy congratulating each other and lost their energy to win and were defeated, sad but true.

I guess the moral of the story is, keep your promises to God for your strength and help comes from Him, and oh yeah, don’t count your chickens before they hatch, oh well maybe next year!

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  1. Excellent points and analogy. My Grandmother always said the same thing, “They got too big for their britches!” Thank you for this great comparison and explanation! I really needed it after this pitiful defeat! I was hoping against hope that the Falcons would win like Secretariat!!! LOL. (((Hugs))) ❤

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    Liked by 1 person

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