Those who know me won’t be surprised

My son was telling us tonight at the supper table about a person he had known when he was younger who had taken a picture of a lady who was minding her own business sitting at a diner counter eating and posted it with a remark about how she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something like that lady had on if she were that fat. It broke my heart to even hear it; no one has the right to take a picture of you when you are doing something as basic as eating and then make fun of you for the way you look. There should be a special torment for that person because the woman didn’t choose to be exposed.

On the other hand sometimes you just “ask for it”! The people who know me will not be surprised at what I am about to tell you.

Saturday I went with my daughter, granddaughter, her future mother-in-law and two friends to a Bridal Expo in downtown Atlanta. We walked into a large room where a small crowd was beginning to gather and on a stage on one side of the room there were a D J running soundtracks for a man to sing. This guy was singing the theme from the movie “Footloose” and singing his heart out. Whether all these Brides and their parties were tired or not they came across as bored and I felt sorry for the guy up there trying to entertain them while they were waiting on the Bridal fashion show (which by the way left a LOT to be desired). Suddenly I was on my feet, out in the aisle and I began to wave my arms at the crowd saying, “You came here to have FUN today so let’s look like we’re having a little fun!” I began to go down the enter aisle dancing, by the time I got to the stage he had hopped off and come to where I was, “That’s what I’m talking about!” He said and began to shoulder up to me, I danced with him while he continued to sing Footloose. Let me tell you I am not a great dancer and I was doing a very ‘60s version of the Peppermint Twist but the crowd seemed to like it and a few even got up and joined me! When the song finished everyone clapped and I went back to my seat, the tension in the room had relaxed and it seemed like everyone was ready to enjoy themselves, mission accomplished! When I got home I said to my future grandson-in-law, “Did I scare your mother?” She seemed a little quiet and maybe shy, he said “No why?” I said well I got up and danced down the aisle at the fashion show, he answered, “I know she showed me the video!”  VIDEO???   VIDEO!!!!    VIDEO???? NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I was horrified and then I just had to laugh! I said, “Well you don’t do something like that unless you don’t care if it gets videoed and shown to the world, I had seen others doing the same but I figure I would never see any of those, and why did they care?

Point, I did what I did and if I ever see the video show up in an awkward place I will know it was completely my fault and decision to get out there and make a fool of myself to try and help entertain others, so I accept the consequences of my actions, the girl sitting eating her food at a dining counter unaware that she was being videoed or photographed was totally innocent of anything except being hungry.

When you put your life up for others to see you might face embarrassment of comments you don’t agree with, someone making fun of you or making a rude remark, you place yourself in that position. If you want your life to be private don’t go out dancing in the aisles of a Wedding Expo Bridal Fashion show, you just might get video taped!

Your life is an open book, everyone is watching you and they all have  cameras with which to document what ever you thin you are doing in private so you might end up being the starring role in their movie, be careful!

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