Listening for Voices?

I have been doing a little web browsing looking for the lyrics to a song that has been going through my head all day, well for a few days now. It would have to be old, I remember hearing it when I was a little girl when daddy and mother played their 45’s on the record player. My research yielded zero facts. The song started with a soulful voice singing, “Voices, voices, voices from long, long ago”…

I looked at a picture that my Uncle’s wife’s daughter posted of him with a little dog sitting up on his shoulder. He is the last remaining sibling of my dad and he is ninety-one. As an aside I thought of how my disapproving my grandfather would have been to see that little dog sitting up on his son’s shoulder. He was from a time and place that thought dogs should stay in the yard and then only if they were useful in some way, such a guarding your house and yard. But there my uncle sat proudly with the little fur-baby sitting on his neck. But I digress, when I saw his face my heart squeezed with the need to see my dad, seeing his eyes in my uncle’s face looking out at me, and my son said, “Mom next time you call him I want to talk with him”. I have learned to not ignore those feelings I get when something is imperative and this felt like one of those times. An example of those feelings being right was this morning when having taken my van to get new tires I suddenly couldn’t wait one more minute to go have the oil changed. It was not convenient timing and for a second thought about putting it off but that inner voice urged me on. When the young man pulled the dipstick out I could see him look at it and then brought it around to my window to show me that before they drained it the dipstick was completely dry! DRY? I was stunned. He told me there was no damage as yet but one more day driving like that could have ruined my engine. That is something I have never let happen before and I was actually embarrassed for anyone to know how negligent I had been, now here I am telling you, but the point is that I listened to that inner voice that told me to do it, so again I digress, I called my uncle and told him that his great-nephew would love to talk with him. My son had a wonderful chat with him and put him on the speaker so I could listen in. I enjoyed the conversation and hearing him laugh, it sounded so much like my dad.

Adam and Eve were given a beautiful garden in which to live and had complete control over everything in the place and in the evenings they listened for the voice of their Creator to call their names and have a little talk with Him. If they hadn’t messed up perhaps we would still be able to take evening walks with Him discussing the days events.

Moses heard a voice coming from the burning bush in the desert and got instructions to go back to Egypt and lead his people out of slavery to the Pharaoh and then on to the Promised Land. Again Moses heard the voice of God when he went up on the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments written by the very finger of God.

The word voice is used 469 times in the Bible and many of those times it concerned the voice of the Lord God, so to try and give you examples of all of them would be way too lengthy, so I will get to the point (I hope).

There are voices that maybe I don’t hear that often but that are instantly recognized when you hear them on the phone, even ones from three-thousand miles away, voices that are dear and give you a warm feeling to hear, voices bringing good news, voices of instruction and then there are the voices of admonishment, correction, bringing sad news, voices that have long since ceased to be that you would so dearly love to hear, all the above and more, but the most important thing you can ever do is to get in a quiet place and listen for the “still, small voice” that the Prophet Elijah heard. So many times we think that unless we hear thunder or feel an earthquake God is not moving, but I am here to tell you that He comes to us sometimes in the still of the night, in a dream or in a simple act of kindness from someone from whom you didn’t expect.

Now hopefully I can kill this earworm singing Voices, and replace it with something else

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