Love, what is it?

I was watching the Hallmark Channels “Home and Family” this morning as they were showing videos people had sent in describing what “Love” is, the purpose is to win a car. It’s probably a way to find out who and how many viewers they have however it did make me think. What is love to me? What would I say if I made a video to send?

I started to think about it and the first thing that came to my mind was a day that my dad had accidentally made a terrible mess that he felt terribly embarrassed about. I swooped into the room and just started talking about unrelated things as I started to clean his body and then clean the floor. I was not disgusted or upset about what I was doing I was upset that he was so embarrassed about it and that I was cleaning it up for him. I felt crushed when tears fell off of his big, crooked, Armenian nose as he kept apologizing. I finally looked him in the eyes trying to control my own tears and said, “Daddy how many times did I ever apologize to you or mother when you had to clean up my messes? How many times did I thank you for feeding me when I was hungry? How many times did I show appreciation for you buying clothes for me or for dressing me before you woke me in the mornings to go to school? Did I thank you for teaching me how to tie my shoes, albeit left-handed making a terrible mess of the bow? How appreciative was I for you taking me to school and dropping me off at the door instead of putting me on the school bus. Did I tell you how much it meant to me the day I got into a fight in gym class when you came and listened to me without retribution and understood the reason it happened? How about the times you asked me what my problems were and I just fell on your broad shoulders in tears and didn’t have to tell you anything except that I needed prayer. Thank you for showing me what love between a man and a woman is supposed to be like by treating my mother like a sweetheart and being so tender to her even in the midst of her times of confusion since she has succumbed to dementia and Alzheimer’s. You have shown me how to be close to God, you have shown me that there really are honest men in this world, and when I have chosen companions wrongly you defended my right to be wrong until I had clarity and made things right.” He had no answer for all of that except to lay his big hand on my cheek and say, “You are our angel.”

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that who-so-ever believed on Him should have eternal life. Thank you for showing me that kind of love in the flesh.

That, my friend, is true, living love.

One Reply to “Love, what is it?”

  1. Beautiful. When I used to help my Dad to the toilet following his brain injury, he’d say to me as I fastened his pants while he held on with his arms around my neck, “I used to do this for you. ” So many women today are unable to call forth memories of aGodly earth Father. We are blessed, fortunate, to be envied… Which is how the Amplified Bible amplifies happy. Such sweet memories we carry.

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