How long would you wait?

How long would you be willing to wait for something you really want? This past week I passed by a small hole in the wall restaurant and there were people standing outside and lined up all the way to the street waiting to get in! I bet it was a two-hour wait, but they were willing to wait because the food in that place was worth the wait! When you get pregnant the baby develops and you wait for nine and a half months for it to be born, and then you suffer a lot of pain to get it here, but you wait! We wait to find the perfect mate, you wait years to get the best education, hours to get the particular hair stylist you want, but somehow when it comes to waiting on God, we are so ready to give up, just quit! I know a person that has been a person of faith for many years and God has been faithful to this person in so many ways, but because they are facing a trial that is difficult, they have begun doubting God!

1 Kings 18:21 Elijah challenged the people: “How long are you going to sit on the fence? If God is the real God, follow him; if it’s Baal follow him. Make up your minds!” You don’t want to live with a person who can’t make up their mind whether they love you, or someone else, do you?

Revelation 3:15-17 “I know you inside and out, and find little to my liking. You’re not cold, you’re not hot—far better to be either cold or hot! You’re stale. You’re stagnant. You make me want to vomit. You brag, ‘I’m rich, I’ve got it made, I need nothing from anyone,’ oblivious that in fact you’re a pitiful, blind beggar, threadbare and homeless. God was speaking to the church of Laodicea. He wanted them to make up their mind to serve Him alone, and then He pleads with them in verses 20-22 “Look at me. I stand at the door. I knock. If you hear me call and open the door, I’ll come right in and sit down to supper with you. Conquerors will sit alongside me at the head table, just as I, having conquered, took the place of honor at the side of my Father. That’s my gift to the conquerors! “Are your ears awake? Listen. Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit blowing through the churches.” When you need something from God, ask Him and then wait!

Luke 18:1-10 Jesus told them a story showing that it was necessary for them to pray consistently and never quit. He said, “There was once a judge in some city who never gave God a thought and cared nothing for people. A widow in that city kept after him: ‘My rights are being violated. Protect me!’ “He never gave her the time of day. But after this went on and on he said to himself, ‘I care nothing what God thinks, even less what people think. But because this widow won’t quit badgering me, I’d better do something and see that she gets justice—otherwise I’m going to end up beaten black-and-blue by her pounding.’ “Then the Master said, “Do you hear what that judge, corrupt as he is, is saying? So what makes you think God won’t step in and work justice for his chosen people, who continue to cry out for help? Won’t he stick up for them? I assure you, he will. He will not drag his feet. But how much of that kind of persistent faith will the Son of Man find on the earth when he returns?”

That last phrase brings me back to thinking about the person who God has helped immeasurably, but have decided it just wasn’t enough.

Isaiah 41:30 “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.”


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