Sage advice from Haro

In re-reading the blog I wrote last night I realized I left out that the reason “Francie” holding her coffee cup to warm her hands was a luxury, it was because she didn’t drink the coffee, after it got cold she just poured it out. It might not have mattered to you but it did to me, you’re welcome 🙂

Are you enjoying your life the way God meant for you to do? All you have is today, tell someone you love them, share a smile, a scripture, a hug, with someone you love. Don’t ever let the sun go down on your anger, you might be sorry.

In the fall of the year as the leaves would begin to fall my grandmother would go out with a broom to sweep the driveway and complain, “If I had a child, I wouldn’t have to do this myself“. One day as I was walking down the street she was sweeping and said that to me, I said “Mama, no matter how many times you sweep those leaves, there are going to be that many more tomorrow and so what? They are going to keep falling and you are going to keep sweeping.” She died in the Spring of the year and the following Fall sure enough all the leaves were falling, the beds still had to be made, dishes washed, all the things that were in her regular routine still needed to be done.

I had a shower room built on my side porch so my dad could just roll out there and roll right into it and get over onto a built-in chair! It is 8 feet long and 6 feet wide with two showers heads, I had it made it big enough for he and my mother to both go in there, of course I don’t think he ever saw her completely nude, except in the total darkness! My dad died without ever having used that shower.

My advice to you is old and cliché, “Don’t worry, be happy”


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