Get the facts before you judge

Sometimes things are not as they seem, that is the reason we are told by Jesus that we should not judge anyone and if we do then that judgment will turn around and come back upon us!

Wasn’t that a high and lofty way to begin this blog? Now do you want the back-story? Well you’re going to get it!

This morning at 6 AM I walked through the upstairs office to take our aging mixed lab Ruby out to do her morning chores. When I walked in the room I heard the sound of mighty, rushing waters and quickly looked outside to see the torrential rain that must be falling and to my surprise it was dry! I panicked! I looked at the refrigerator to see if it was leaking and looked at the floor expecting to see it flooded. When it was dry in there I walked out on the upper deck and heard the water gushing even stronger, my heart nearly stopped as I walked down the stairs, barefoot I might add, to see water pouring out of the side of my house right under the office window. I was going to get a closer look but the water was falling so hard I was about to be soaked to the skin, my hair was already getting wet from the fallout. I went in and started texting people I thought could help me, yeah that time of the morning on a Saturday not many people are awake, finally finding someone that lives in Canton who said he would come but it was going to take a while to get here. In my mind instead of seeing water flowing from my house I was seeing dollars, and imagining that the house would have to be opened up to find the pipe that had burst and then repaired, I was planning an email to my ex-husband to explain the need I was going to have for extra money!

Where am I going with this?

The plumber called and said he was about to be on his way when I decided to walk back out there and see the damage, expecting to see the cedar siding beginning to fall off the house and to my surprise the water was no longer gushing from the house, the tail of the Polaris, which sweeps the pool, was shooting water straight up into the air with great force. When I had seen it earlier it was still pretty dark out there and I couldn’t see the water coming from the Polaris in the pool I just saw it bouncing off the house with such force I thought it was actually coming through the wall! I quickly called the plumber and tried to explain the situation but I was laughing so hard I am still not sure if he understood exactly why I had suddenly canceled the appointment so urgently made a few moments before! As I got down on my knees to untangle the troublesome piece of equipment I did pray and thank God that my day was not going to be spent trying to figure out how I was going to get the dinner I am planning for my sister’s birthday cooked without water!

Next time I will get all the facts before I call the plumber

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