Be sure your sins will….

Today I walked out onto my back porch, it’s three stories off the ground which gives me a wonderful view into the trees which form a line on the other side of a three car parking space. I was enjoying the feel and fragrance of the air and something caught my eye, lying at the bottom of one of the trees was a long forgotten and very sad looking soccer ball.  It made me catch my breath as I imagined I could hear the sounds of the little boys that played in that back yard before it had concrete laid so that everyone would have a parking space, a time when soccer and basket balls ruled the yard. While I was feeling very sentimental my “little boy” called and wanted to know what kind of food I had that I could prepare for his lunch, I quickly came back to the present and the boy throwing the ball and running with his dog was on his way to my house from his office to get lunch. The drama queen in me wanted to get back to my reminiscing so I sat down at my computer and began to go through pictures. What I didn’t realize was that my grandchildren had been playing with my computer since I got it, before I realized that I could actually make movies on this machine and there were several very interesting clips and one in particular that caught my attention. I will share the contents a little later just go with me here, remembering that when I was young my mother kept me terrorized to do anything covert with the threat “be sure your sin will find you out”! She didn’t share the story from the Bible, Number 32:23, I just saw a very angry God looking at every thing I did with the determination that if I transgressed even one of my mother’s rules I would be sentenced to hell and every one of my friends would know all about it! Mother’s wrath was far more fearful than the fear of a burning hell!

Back to the present, as I sat and decided to watch a few of the clips my grandson had made while clowning around and filming himself, the date stamp was 1-01-08. There was laughter as he was making fun of his sister and then suddenly I saw a close-up of his small red mouth as it said two very, very bad words! I was shocked but couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud (don’t judge me)! I called out to his mother and told her I had something very interesting to show her. When she finally came to stand behind me to see what I wanted to show her I told her to go ahead and bring her husband as I was sure he would want to watch it with us! I played the X-rated video for them and they had the same reaction as I had, first shock and awe then laughing at the fact he didn’t even know this video of his dreadful deed even existed! Yes you guessed it we called him to come and see this neat video we had found! Of course he denied ever doing it, never mind we had video proof, of not remembering it and knowing he would have never done such a thing! His mother told him that if his Christian school principal ever saw it he would be kicked out of school and his life would be in ruins, never mind the deed took place when he was eight, it was punishable right now! As his face drained of color I remembered all the dreadful times I had felt the same way, once for setting the dirty clothes basket on fire, then telling a group of preacher’s wives that my parents were not really married! I had to laugh and tell him that no one would ever know, and if you don’t repeat this no one ever will! Just remember next time you want to do a dirty deed, someone is watching and “be sure your sin will find you out”


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  1. If you speak the truth, it becomes part of the past, If you lie, it will come back to haunt your in the future…You left me inspired…

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