Now the day is over

It is with mixed emotions that I sit here and write at this moment. I am sad my dad is not with us physically, I am happy he is in heaven and watching over me, I am happy for all the accolades I have seen about dads on social media today and sad that there were some that didn’t have a dad in their life to talk about. Sad that there are dads that have been abusive to their children and their mothers, sad that I know people that are afraid of their dad. There are dads that are DNA donors but haven’t taken the time to be with the child they created in a moment of passion and so many more things that come to my mind making this list way too long, so I quit. There was one other thing that maybe some didn’t think of, possibly you didn’t think of it either. That is the man that desperately wants to be dad to his child and for some reason the mother takes that child away, not because he has been a bad dad but because they are punishing him for not being their ideal of the perfect husband. I am a divorced mom but my children have a wonderful dad and the thought of keeping them from him for any reason whatever never occurred to me! Those children need to know they are wanted and loved by both parents.

Last but by no means least there is the couple that wants a baby to make their family complete and have faced infertility and are sad because they may have had miscarriages or not been able to conceive at all.

I am happy for all the dads that were honored, sad for the ones that were forgotten or ignored and the ones that want to be…

Exodus 20:12 Honor your father and mother so that you’ll live a long time in the land that God, your God, is giving you.

It doesn’t have to be Mother’s or Father’s Day to give the “old folks” a little love, remember the boomerang theory; it will come back to you.

2 Replies to “Now the day is over”

  1. My father broke my heart long before any boy got the chance. With God at my side, in 2014 I stood at his gravesite and reconciled our differences, forgiving him, 19 years after his death.

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  2. I am most thankful for Bishop Daddy that taught me the things I needed to know. He made me feel like I was one of his children and he was the father figure I never had and needed. I can still feel his prayers over us!

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