Do they have souls?

It happened again today and I was extremely upset. I went to pick up the debris the men who pick up our trash had left scattered all over the driveway, including broken light bulbs and went back in the house as my son was leaving from having had lunch. By the time I had washed my hands and was drying them on my pant legs my phone rang, it was my son! I wondered why he was already calling, then I heard the upset tone of his voice, “Mom it’s happened again, did you see them?” “Did I see who?” “The two small puppies that were out here by the trash” “Of course I didn’t see them or I would have seen about them!”   We tried to catch them but by the time my son had pulled up to the sidewalk he saw them running across our busy road and held his breath hoping he wouldn’t see them get run over by one of the passing, and might I add speeding, cars. Long story short I called Animal Control and asked them to see if they could find the little pups and told them if I found them first I would bring them in. If you follow me on Facebook you know that we just went through an agonizing time dealing with an abandoned Pit Bull, finally finding a home for him where he is happily living in beautiful surroundings with another dog which quickly became his “brother”, so we are not ready nor willing to start all over again. These little dogs had obviously just been let out of someone’s car and they were looking for their “people”, it hurts my heart. It has happened so many times, I don’t know if there is an invisible sign that says, “drop your puppies, kittens, anything you don’t want right here!”

I take the care of an animal far too seriously to just let this go without saying anything about it, if you are guilty of doing something like dropping off an unwanted pet, one that you picked out, thought you would care for and then changed your mind, please think about it, you are doing a very wrong thing. If you don’t want them at least take them to a shelter or find a home for them with someone who really wants them. Why should I be surprised about this? A lady abandoned a four year-old girl at the airport this past week, there are thousands of abortions every day, what is so bad about a dog, they don’t have a soul…. OR do they??

I looked up the scripture Proverbs 12:10 and read it in every translation, then I saw the translation from the Aramaic and I think you should read it,

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
The righteous one is aware of the soul of his animal, and the evil withhold their compassions.

We read in the Bible that in heaven the ‘bears will be gentle and the wolf will be tame and lion shall lie down by the lamb” (quoted from Peace in the Valley which quotes Isaiah). Animals have their place in the Kingdom and in my life it is to calm my soul and make me feel love when my old lady Lab stares at me, which means she is hugging me. Be kind to your animals, and do me a favor, please don’t drop them off in front of my house.

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  1. Thank you for this. I recently had to put down my dog, my friend, who was close to my heart. (She came into my life when my father moved to heaven and I needed something to love.) She’d been ill for several months and I invested a lot of money into her medical care. Unfortunately, she continued to decline. She had such a gentle natural and EVERYONE who met her loved her. Even while she was declining and struggling to move, she’d manage to make her way to the stairs to greet me when I got home. She was in pain and was pushing herself to please me. But I was in denial and didn’t want to let her go. It became apparent that it was cruel to keep her around. So after much struggling I had to let go. I’ve often felt badly for the sadness I felt over her loss because my mind kept saying “she’s only a dog”. And I’ve wondered if I would see her again. But she was a dog that gave much joy and comfort, a dog that the Lord has taught me lessons through on many occasions, and a dog that was part of the family. Thank you for this article.

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    1. I loved this one. I have personally always believed that our furbabies will be in Heaven if we ask God for that to be. Thank you for that scripture. It gives me a confirmation in my Spirit that I just might see my beloved departed Furbabies that were so very special to me. I wish I could have another one now to spend time with in my older years. 🙂

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