The reward of being Specific!

The Bible does say, “Ask and you shall receive…” right? It seems that this Sunday, lunch at my house will be a Thanksgiving dinner, you wonder why? It’s because in a moment of great benevolence (yes I am smiling) I asked my nephew what he wanted my sister and me to cook for his birthday dinner and his answer was, “Thanksgiving, you know, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, all the Thanksgiving stuff”, well I did ask didn’t I?

My dad used to tell us that when we pray and ask God for anything we need to be specific in our request and cited something he had read in a book by David Yonggi Cho. He said he had been praying for a bicycle so that he could go to his ministry appointments in Korea and there was no answer, for a very long time! He recounted that one day while praying he said to God, “You said we could ask anything in Jesus name and we would have it, I have been praying for a bicycle that I really need and it has not been answered!” When he finished his accusation against the Father, he said he heard God say to him, “You have never told me what kind of bicycle and what color you wanted!” At that point Mr. Cho said he gave God a full description and the color was blue! His prayer was answered soon after that!

I guess my nephew had that in mind when he ordered up a Thanksgiving lunch for his birthday celebration, and there is a fresh turkey koshering as I speak and all the ingredients for the stuffing and all the sides waiting to be cooked, so, again I say unto you, “Ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be full” John 16:24

The next time you pray or need to ask for something, be specific, that your joy may be full!

Happy Birthday to my Nephew Ariel Elisha Mushegan

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