In your patience

I spent nine hours on my feet in the hospital today with someone, when I started home in the rush hour there were many cars also on their way home, that’s when I remembered this and it fit my mood for the day!

I had to have a little talk with myself! I have noticed many times that obviously people don’t know 1) what color you are supposed to see in order to resume driving through an intersection or 2) what shade of green the light is supposed to be before you resume driving through an intersection. I watch time and again as the light ahead turns green and the line of traffic in which I am caught doesn’t move, cars sitting still until the yellow light begins to flash! It makes me wonder what the heck the person in front of the line is doing? Maybe they are color blind, but I have seen their heads bowed and know that either they are praying, checking their messages or perusing Facebook on their phone! Have you guessed what I had to talk to myself about yet? If you guessed that I am talking about patience you were totally correct!

One morning recently when I took my grandson to school I saw two very serious collisions, very close to two different schools. Both crashes were right past the place where the school zone speed limit of 25 mph ended and 45 mph had resumed. There were ambulances at both. I didn’t actually pass the first, but in the second one there were two adult men dressed in business suits unashamedly standing in the middle of the road with their arms wrapped around each other weeping openly. In the back of my mind I could hear my grandmother’s voice saying, “Haste makes waste”, it certainly seemed that was the case here. Obviously someone was in too big of a hurry and had rammed his vehicle into the car in front at a high rate of speed and it had completely gone through that car and into the front seat.

Then not long ago I was driving behind a car on the EW Connector, which was driving very slowly where the speed limit is 45 mph.  People were impatiently passing that car and I too was looking for an opportunity to pass but something stopped me, when I saw the back of the driver’s head and his passenger I could not go around them, I decided to just follow them doing about 35 mph. What did I see? I saw a very old man and his lady looking side-to-side at the trees and talking. I wondered about their life and felt ashamed that my impatience almost made me go around them without noticing. I thought of my own parents and about how swiftly life passes, these two people were young once upon a long time ago.

Why are we all in such a hurry? If we are blessed we will all end up old and someone will be impatient with us. “What goes around comes around.” We all have our “Glory Days” and they are so quickly over. Watch a strong man contest or a beauty contest and as gorgeous as those young people are, you know that it won’t be long before their physical beauty will fade as the years bring on maturity, which brings on an assortment of wrinkles, thinning hair and thicker middles. Again my grandmother’s voice saying, “every dog has its day”, which meant, “they may enjoy their beauty for now, but as the rose withers and fades, so will they.”

So my scripture for today is, “In your patience posses ye your souls” Luke 21:19

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