If I can believe a Hallmark movie…

So call me a sappy sentimental, I am guilty and not ashamed of it. When I am in charge of the TV remote I leave it on the Hallmark Channel and watch the Christmas movies. I have noticed something (beside the bad wigs some of the ladies have worn and I can’t figure out why) and that is the plots are all basically the same, and the main reason I watch is they always turn out good, right, the way I want it to turn out. One of the main themes is that a person is lost, has an accident, has amnesia, (choose one of the above) and ends up in a small town, someone gives them a room and they immediately become involved in the local Christmas preparations, whether it is a parade or a pageant and their presence makes all the difference. When it comes time to leave everyone grieves that this person who has become an integral part of their lives is going away. Generally they decide to stay or promise to come back and then they really do! As I was watching a movie with that plot, while cleaning my house, which has been neglected for three weeks, I wondered if something like that could actually happen, I doubted it until I remembered…

There was a tiny child who was born in a manger in the small town of Bethlehem. I imagine his parents were not happy to have to birth their first-born in a barn with the animals as witnesses but they did what they had to do. Wise men had followed a star in the sky to find this blessed babe they thought would be the deliverer and unknowingly went to his worst enemy to enquire if his birth had been made known and that was to the King who then ordered the death of every male child under the age of two. Now that is a real plot twist for a Hallmark movie that should be on the drama channel! This child grew, was revealed to be the Son of God, suffered bring brutally beaten and then crucified on a cross to pay for all of the sins that you and I have committed. But the story didn’t end there, He rose from the grave and after He had been seen by many people rose up in to the heavens while a crowd stood around and watched and then He promised that He would return and take us with Him back to His Father’s house! He said he was going to prepare a place for us!

The difference between the people on the Hallmark movies and the Bethlehem Babe is that He really did make all the difference in our lives, and will be an integral part of your life and your family if you will give him a room! I know He is coming again and when He does I am going to go with Him and I’m about ready for that to happen, any day now.

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  1. Amen PH! That’s the kind of “movie” I want to see because it really happens and it is not just a fantasy someone thought up and put on film. Our God is real and He is coming soon!!.

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