Be sure your sin will find you out!

Today I walked out onto my back porch, it’s three stories off the ground which gives me a wonderful view into the trees which form a line on the other side of an aluminum three car parking space. I was enjoying the feel and fragrance of the fall air and something caught my eye, lying at the bottom of one of the trees was a long forgotten and very sad looking soccer ball.  It made me catch my breath as I imagined the sounds of the little boys that played in that back yard before it had concrete laid so that everyone would have a parking space, it was a time when soccer and basket balls ruled the yard. I stood there and let my spirit see the boys running while the dog my little boy loved so much chased them and tried to grab the ball, which he did more than once causing major damage and the necessity of buying new balls to kick and throw. This time of year brings back so many memories of going with youth groups to parks and standing around an open fire roasting wieners and marshmallows. While I was becoming very sentimental my “little boy” called and wanted to know what kind of food I had that I could prepare for his lunch, that quickly brought me to the present and the boy throwing the ball and running with his dog was on his way to my house from his office to get lunch.  We had good conversation while I cooked a steak for him then he went on about his business. The drama queen in me wanted to get back to my reminiscing so I sat down at my computer and began to go through pictures. What I didn’t realize was that my grandson had been playing with my computer when I first got it and didn’t know you could make a movie on it and there were several very interesting clips and one in particular that caught my attention. I will share the contents a little later just go with me here. When I was young my mother kept me terrorized to do anything covert with the threat “be sure your sin will find you out”! She didn’t share the story from the Bible, Numbers 32:23, I just imagined a very angry God looking at every thing I did with the determination that if I transgressed even one of my mother’s rules I would be sentenced to hell and every one of my friends would know all about it! Mother’s wrath was far more fearful than the fear of a burning hell! But I digress, this clip was found on my old computer and the clip I saw was of a six year old looking into the camera and saying a very bad word! After the shock of what I had heard wore off I started laughing and could not wait until his parents came home so I could share this little gem of a clip! You can imagine the terror we put my grandson through as we threatened to show it to his teachers at the private Christian school he attends. We finally told him that since that was made ten years ago he was safe from exposure of his terrible deed and he promised that was the only time it ever happened!

We have all done many things that God has reviewed but He has forgiven us and reminded us that His mercies are new every morning! (Lamentations 3:21-23) He does that without threatening to tell our friends!


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