Our amazing self

If you haven’t read about just how amazing you are, now is your chance! My Amazing self


Our bodies are like a spider web; it is at the same time fragile and yet strong. God created us with bones that carry our muscles; a marvelous organ, our skin, covers veins, flesh and then us. The skin stretches and shrinks, mends, get’s “goose bumps” when we are cold or scared or hear something creepy. Our eyes are a delicate camera that can see everything in living color and then transmits it to the part of us that drives everything we do, our brain. To see the brain is to see just gray matter, yet contained in it is instructions for every single thing we do. It is able to learn, to create, makes us sense all the emotions that we feel, tells us when and how to move, contains everything we have ever done and there are people who can actually recall every detail of their entire life…

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