Climb up on God’s lap and look down!

When you look at your problems from God’s prospective they seem a lot smaller! Some thoughts on that!

The bigger your faith grows, the smaller your giants look! There are things in our life that need to be tackled and thrown to the ground, but from a natural standpoint, it seems impossible! I remember hiding my eyes under my covers one night when I was a little girl because there was a huge man in my room! He was as tall as the ceiling and I was so afraid! Mother came in to make sure I was covered and turned on the light when she did it turned out that the “man” was my dad’s coat which was on a big wooden hanger hanging on my door! It was a simple thing, but to a little girl it was a scary monster! Fear is Faith perverted, it makes the smallest problems seem impossible, but when you can give it to God He is able to “bring it down…

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