It’s a Wonderful Life!

Have you had a “Wonderful Life”? I’m sure that every one of us have had disappointments, but it is still A Wonderful Life!

As I have been working around in my house today my television has been on the Hallmark Channel because they are playing the Christmas movies and I am a sucker for happy endings. I watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year and have a copy of it in my own movie library, what is it about these classics that make me turn to them again?

In “Wonderful Life”, George Bailey is a good-hearted fellow giving of himself until there is nothing left. What he didn’t notice was that as he was giving his life to help people, he was gaining friends, friends who would ultimately save him from financial ruin and jail! As the movie ends we see George surrounded by friends and family, he notices a bell on the Christmas tree as it starts to jingle and we know that Clarence has finally gotten his wings! Happy endings both! But you…

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