What’s the good word?

Love,joy,peace are good words I can give you, but what if I said Patience! Not so good? Isn’t it? Think about it!


This is the time of the year when we all worry about where or how the money will come to do the things we need to do and if it were in my power I would see that every hungry person had food on their table and every child would have the toy of their dreams underneath the tree! I can’t do that however there is one thing that I can do and that is to agree with you in prayer for all your needs and the needs of your family to be met.

This morning as I was waking from sleep God sent an angel to me to give me a word, it was Patience, which made me remember that was the last word my grandfather ever gave to me the week he died. He spoke with great authority and said “Patience my dear you must have patience…

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