The Remains of the day 2017

Today was a wonderful day and now the lights are all off in the house, the alarm is set and I am in my own little room. The sounds of the day are still ringing in my ears, the laughs, the compliments on the 14 pound standing rib roast I cooked, paper being torn off of packages and squeals of delight at gifts that were wanted! But something happened I wanted to share because it struck me at the heart level. I know I have told you the story about the little boy who had asked for a pony and when his dad led him to a stall full of manure he got excited and started shoveling it saying, “With this much manure there’s got to be a pony in there somewhere!”  My grandson is a typical seventeen year old, his loves are playing the drums, going WWE matches with his sister and her fiancé´, and anything electronic. He was sitting at the table a few days ago and I decided to tease him about what I had gotten him for Christmas, so I said, “Gabe I shouldn’t tell you this but I have bought you a bowtie for Christmas to go with your red shirt, I know you were expecting something else but I wanted you to look snazzy!” He looked up and me and said, “Oh Mammy, that’s wonderful! I have always wanted one, the problem is I won’t know how to tie it, you’ll have to help me!” I looked at him and realized he was being serious.

I hope that when God offers an answer to my prayers that I don’t particularly understand or like (yes I said that because sometimes He knows what’s best for us even when we don’t) I will react, sincerely react, with genuine happiness and say, “Thanks God, I know you know what is best for me and I am so happy for this answer” instead of complaining and wondering why you didn’t get what you asked for!

I hope you got every thing you wanted this year and I’ll tell you right now that I did! I have peace, joy and I know that I have the love of God that passes all understanding and the prayer we prayed for so long has been answered, my son and his wife area expecting twin boys to be born in the spring! God is good. Let’s get ready for the New Year now!

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