She learned to walk on water!

As I have enjoyed Christmas in my nicely heated home looking at lighted Christmas trees with the shining star reminding me of Jesus (you understand if you have been reading my posts for the past few weeks) there are people who are cold, homeless, suffering from the ravages of nature. I heard from one of those resilient, strong people today. She is a woman of faith who has been sorely tried when the floodwaters of “Harvey” rushed into her beautiful home, a home she decorated with love and made a showplace as well as a home with a heart of love. I talked about the little boy that was shoveling manure in the hopes of finding a pony a few days ago and whether she was referencing that or just realized she was knee deep in manure and water she addressed a comment I made to her about praying for her during this time with humor and I thought I would share it with you! She gave me permission to use it and said I could “clean it up” if I wanted to, I said I wouldn’t dare, you all now that about me, right? She is an acclaimed decorator who runs her own studio; she is Oni Roberts of “Oni’s Designs” in Houston, Texas.

Tears flowing…. thank you! There’s a pony some where under this %$*…
I just know there is…so I will keep shoveling…been shoveling today…hahahaha…
We know about Jesus…no room in the Inn…. for me…no walls in the Inn…. stuffing stuff in the cracks to keep cold air from coming through cracks…honey ya can’t make this stuff up…and, if that isn’t enough…suppose to FREEZE on New Years….G-d has such a sense of humor. Glad He’s laughing…cause He is laughing by Himself…
JUS’ KIDDIN’…promise…. have to make goofy of the situation cause…like I said, “can’t make this stuff up”!!!
Weather too badly for workers to continue…no place to cut…. YES…of course…RAINING!!
Gotta love it…
SERIOUSLY…G-d is sooooooo with me and I have Him to thank for learning to FINALLY “walk on water”.
Love you and thank you for being one of my soul sisters…we do have the same Father, ya know.

I am praying for all the people everywhere who are trying to recover from any type of tragedy that has come their way. I pray that 2018 will hold good news for us all!

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