Are you sad?

Since I think more people are watching TV tonight than reading blogs I am going to leave “Sad”, also I got so much response on it I saw that it was really needed.

I was looking at a slideshow of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen when someone came into the room and I offered to share it with them. To my surprise this person folded their arms and said they didn’t enjoy looking at beautiful pictures. Thinking I had misunderstood I asked them to repeat that, they obliged with hardly any expression. I just looked at them trying to figure what to say next when he said, “Actually, I am tired of life.” I replied “I’m sorry to hear you say that” and while I was trying to think of some encouraging words I realized that I had experienced that same feeling several different times in my life. There are times we take too many chores, burdens and other folks troubles on our own two shoulders, and how tired and weary it makes us feel. It seems…

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