Red light, green light, wanna play?

When I was a little girl we jumped rope, played Red Rover Come Over and a game called Red Light Green Light. I thought of it as I was sitting at our famously long light on Fontaine waiting to turn left onto the EW Conn. Suddenly the rush of oncoming traffic stopped as if by magic and I drove right out in front of them! I felt a sense of power! It was like Moses must have felt when the Red Sea piled up and they all walked through on dry land! As soon as I made my turn all those cars quickly sprang into action and were again traveling down the road. What made those cars stop for me? Simple, a red light; what made them go again? It was a green light. There is another light, one that most people just breeze right through, the yellow light. Driving on to my destination I gave the lights a little thought. I often have people ask me to pray that God will give them a “sign” to know whether something is right or wrong, or to show them something, which is to come in their future. God gives us these signs sometimes in simple forms that we just choose to over look. He shows us that yellow light of caution and we rush pell-mell on through it and sometimes we end up in a head on collision, then we blame God because He let it happen.

If you are stopped at a red light in your life, you might not have to look far to know the reasons, you need to pray! James 5:16 “The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with.”

When you see the red light, Stop; the yellow light, watch out, danger ahead; know that God’s green light will give you the freedom to go on down life’s highway. These are spiritual traffic rules to live by!

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