Tears are a language

Are you sad? Are you crying and have no words to pray? Did you know that “Tears are a language?”


There are a lot of things I don’t know but one thing that I do know is that tears are a language that God understands.

Why do we shed these salty liquid drops from our eyes? Obviously there might be an irritant in your eye but more than likely we are talking about something emotional that brings them rushing to spill down your cheeks. There are songs that we sing in church that touch our heart and soul, there are some “religious” folk who don’t like these songs, they call them “soulish“, these are the songs that are either prayers or testimonies, and while not praise and worship, which are important, have a special place with a person that finds it hard to release their emotions any place else but sitting in a church pew or kneeling at the altar. One song I know kind of explains it…

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