How will I be remembered?

With both my mother and daddy’s birthday’s approaching I have been thinking about them. He would be celebrating his 100th and she, well let’s say her 39th again. Thinking of all the loved ones I have lost I thought about something that is kind of funny really that is when someone dies we don’t remember anything but the good part of them. It may be different with you so don’t get offended with me if it is I’m just saying it is something that I noticed strongly. I think now that my grandmother was not as sarcastic as she was funny, that little quirky thing she did with her mouth when she was considering something, or about to hit you with one of her “wise” sayings seems cute now. Instead of being aggravated at my granddaddy for sniffing and twisting his nose when he spoke, it becomes an endearing trait to be fondly remembered, or the way he never said hello when he answered the phone, or that great-aunt’s jokes weren’t that raunchy after all, and the pranks that one certain little uncle pulled on folk weren’t ever cruel, just funny. My other grandfather is only remembered for the prophecies he gave that always hit the target and not for the fact that we couldn’t have bacon in the house when he was here, or that he thought having a Christmas Tree was somehow irreverent, and a dog in the house? Never! In our house my grandson became intrigued with Michael Jackson, only after his death! He had never listened to his music, seen a video or read a magazine article about him, until he died. Suddenly there was a poster on the wall from “before he went too far” with his many surgeries and the old VCR that belonged to his Uncle got pulled out of the storage box and found “Moonwalker” with the date, in ink, on the label, 1988. That interest replaced all the posters and books on Abraham Lincoln, don’t ask!

In thinking of those things I mean no disrespect to any of the departed relatives that I mentioned I loved each of them dearly, I am only saying that things that got on our nerves when they were alive are now an endearing quality, and their faults are mainly forgotten.

Don’t you think that is the way that God loves us? When you give Him your old sinful nature, your sins are as far as the East is from the West, and we know those two never meet. The Devil tries to put guilt on us and bring memories of days gone by to bring about depression and low self-esteem but God only remembers that since His Son Jesus died to forgive us of our sin we are cleansed and He loves us all !

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    Are there things about your personality that you hope people don’t remember when you die? Rather think of your good points, right?


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