This Little Book Might Have Saved My Life

This is a wonderful article and I highly recommend that you read it!

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

I got divorced over a decade ago.  I have so thoroughly moved on from that tragedy now that it is easy to forget it (almost).  But I got into a discussion on another’s blog recently that brought up memories of that devastating time in my life.  I think it nearly killed me.

Even now, it is easier not to remember, really.  The raw despair was so overwhelming that I actually am afraid to open up some of those memories.  I was so deeply depressed, I went to a doctor for help and got a prescription – but I think I just had the side effects instead of the help.  Yeah.  In the years since, I have learned more about those mood altering drugs.  If you can be under the watchful care of a psychiatrist, that would be better than a GP you don’t even return to for follow up.  Suicidal…

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