Are you Naked?

I was driving behind a car on the EW Connector where the speed limit is 45mph not that anyone ever goes 45mph on that road. I saw that people were impatiently passing a car that was actually going the speed limit and I too was looking for an opportunity to pass when something stopped me. As I approached that car I saw the back of the driver’s head and his passenger and I could not go around, I followed them doing about 35. What I saw was a very old man and his lady, looking side to side at the trees and talking. I wondered about their life and felt ashamed that my impatience almost made me go around them without noticing, it made me think of my own dad and mother. I thought about how swiftly life passes, those people were young once upon a long time ago. Why are we all in such a hurry? We will all end up old if we are blessed, and someone will be impatient with us. “What goes around comes around comes around.”

We all have our “Glory Days” and they are so quickly over. Watch a strong man contest or a beauty contest and as gorgeous as those young people are in all their “glory” you know that it won’t be long before their physical beauty will fade as the years bring on maturity, which brings on an assortment of wrinkles, thinning hair, aches and pains, etc. My grandmother used the phrase, “every dog has its day”,which meant  “they may enjoy their beauty for now, but as the rose withers and fades, so will they.”We know that as we get older these things happen to our physical body, but there is our spiritual body which does not age and for that I am glad.

Adam and Eve walked in the Glory of God, that’s why they did not realize they were naked! When they sinned, the Glory light around them went out and they saw themselves un-clothed, naked and they were ashamed. I have often wondered why it was that they felt shame at being naked it was because they were naked of the Glory. Samson must have felt naked when he went out and shook himself and found that he was naked of the Glory. Peter must have felt naked of the Glory when he had denied Jesus and stood in the courtyard with the enemy. Judas found himself stark naked stripped of any glory and hanged himself because of his betrayal of the Christ. I pray that God will give me the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to never find myself out in public naked of His Glory, which would shame me to death.

Psalm 25:2 O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies’ triumph over me.

I pray for God to bring back the Glory for any of us who are feeling naked today!


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  1. This will probably make you laugh, but I was getting impatient reading about these old people driving down the road too slow because I was trying to get to the naked part your title promised!

    Go figure…

    About 20 years ago (or 25), ABC News had a program called PrimeTime (I think) and they sent a reporter out hitch hiking across the nation (it was so interesting following this guy on that journey, but that is a tale for another time), and he started off in New England in the Fall heading West to L.A. And as he passed through New England, he noticed the colors of the trees and said something that I never forgot (actually I taped in on VHS and watched it a dozen times over the years). He explained that the leaves on the trees during color season actually just finally show their true colors. All the green we looked at all Spring and Summer was not the color of the leaf, but of the chlorophyll that so potently fills the leaf until shortly before it dies. The majestic color of who we really are comes out in those end times.

    It’s a different perspective. A nature perspective, but not biblical that I can tell.

    A biblical perspective… Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed, and their shame, when it came, was not due to nakedness, for that was the full frontal image of God (sex between the man and the woman is image bearing by design -Gen 1:27). Perhaps the deep lesson (one of many) is that now on this side of “The Fall” God appears shameful to sinful eyes. This goes a long way to informing Paul’s statement in Rom. 1:16; he feels the need to tell us he is not ashamed of God’s message – which would be odd if no one was tempted to be ashamed of it.

    But, if you are still with me on all this, I think Jesus on the cross directly counters Adam and Eve’s sin in just these terms (among many others). The Roman Catholic Church offers us crucifix, and image of Jesus on the cross which adds a loin cloth, and this tends to be our modern image of Jesus even in Protestant circles. But when Jesus died, he was afforded no such luxury. He died naked on a shameful cross – and this answers Genesis point for point: The man naked and unashamed at the Tree of Life bearing the image of God. (It’s also important to consider that when God created Eve in the next chapter of Genesis, he put Adam in a “deep sleep” that was deeper than other sleep and took her from his side. When we look at Jesus (esp in John) a spear is thrust into his side and out comes water and blood as it is discovered that he is in “a deep sleep” we might call it. The bridegroom is both enthroned and married in this “shameful” scene that depicts God’s GLORY!

    But I will let you sit with all that. If you never heard it or saw it before, it is a lot to absorb. But even if you have, it is a good place to go meditate.

    Thanx for slowing down behind those old people. Thanx for telling us about it.

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    1. I love it!! (looking for the nudity in naked that is) A far as the colors of the trees, some moons ago during the fall season I wrote, “What color are you?” I did the same comparison but from my perspective being the eldest child in the home of a “preacher” (minister is a modern-cleaned-up word for people who are ashamed of the title) and seeing for myself, well say it this way… when we went to a new church (my dad was sent to troubled churches to bring peace and start the process of growth, then our family would be jerked out of that and sent to another problem child) but I digress, when you first drive everyone is your best friend, they all want to get their “side” out there but my dad was a spiritually perceptive man of God and I will never forget him, as he was standing behind the pulpit about to bring the sermon, a man starting down the aisle trying to bring accusations against the clerk of the church, my dad stood stock still, raised his left hand and pointed his finger at him as he proclaimed, You sit down, you are out of order, as he emphasized those last words the man suddenly stopped and fell flat of his back right there in the middle of the aisle. My dad asked the ushers to help his to his seat. That man was so scared that he straightened up and apologized causing no more problems. Anyway, as the “seasons” of the church changed, people started changing colors until they were known for who they actually were. As for the rest, I am so in agreement with you. When I had read that Jesus was crucified naked which was the most shame that could be brought upon him with the stripes (literally in the Hebrew “welts” which are black and blue) with the blood and the crown of thorns pushed deep into the flesh of his head… just too much to imagine for this simple girl (girl?) I love hearing (reading) your thoughts, thank YOU! 🙂


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