Re-blogging “Run Forest Run!”

I saw the movie “Forrest Gump” when it was in the theater, I watched a little boy being ridiculed for wearing braces on his legs and feeling sorry for him, as I munched my popcorn. But suddenly the popcorn was put down and I was searching for a way to keep from embarrassing myself in a public place. It was when some bullies were chasing Forrest and Jenny, his close girl friend, was yelling to the top of her voice “RUN FORREST RUN!” As that little boy ran and she was yelling encouragement to him, I was overwhelmed and burst into crying out loud tears. Why did it hit me that way? Because in this life there have been many times that I identified with Forrest and other times that I was Jenny, calling out encouragement to someone who seemed to be sinking. We all go through heart aches/breaks for one reason or another and I have heard it all from abusive, alcoholic mates, victims of rape, rent due with no money, no groceries to the heartbreak of a sweetheart saying they can’t “do this anymore” and I have been the encourager and the person being encouraged!  Reminds me of an old song from my radio days by Joni Mitchell, “I’ve looked at life from both sides now, from win and lose and still somehow its life’s illusions I recall I really don’t know life at all.”  Looking at life from both sides can give you perspective on what the “other” side is thinking, meaning: When you are in a disagreement with someone, honestly try to put yourself in their shoes to see if they are really being unreasonable. Think about the way a lot of people blame God for everything that goes wrong in their life, from bad relationships to losing a job. Maybe you actually did something to bring it on, yes that is possible! Jesus gave His life for us, why would He want us to live in misery. I have spoken several times lately about the “cloud of witnesses” mentioned in Hebrews 12:1 and when I think of them I can hear them, as Jenny, saying RUN Harolene, RUN! So I pick up myself up and keep moving! God was talking to Jeremiah, 12:5 “So, Jeremiah, if you’re worn out in this footrace with men, what makes you think you can race against horses? And if you can’t keep your wits during times of calm, what’s going to happen when troubles break loose like the Jordan in flood? I think He might be asking us that same question today!

I don’t want to be a “downer” I am actually trying to encourage you to “keep on keeping on”,to “stay steady in the boat“, (quotes courtesy my granddad and dad respectively) now for mine, just be strong, don’t give up, and trust God. I read something that caught my attention it was “If at first you succeed, try something harder!”Now that is another take on it, isn’t it?

I am calling out to you, RUN READER RUN

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