Who knows what I need?

Are you in the middle of a problem for which you cannot see a solution? Do you need answers for how to proceed in your life?

Solitude is essential. Silence is necessary.

When you are going through a rough time in your life and having problems that seem insurmountable words from others will only distract. Stay in the Lord’s presence and see His mind during this painful time. In the soul-searching of our lives, we are to stay quiet so we can hear Him say all that He wants to say to us in our hearts! I didn’t say it would be easy, just that it is very important.

In my dad’s last few months his hearing became so bad that if I wanted to say something to him I would have to turn down the TV or radio and make everyone get quiet because the background noise kept him from being able to hear what I was saying. It is the background noises in our life that make God’s voice obscure, so quiet that we think He is not speaking at all. Sometimes He is just telling us something that we don’t want to hear, but we need to be able to make that choice with a clear knowledge of what He is saying to us.

Psalm 5:11 “Let all who take refuge in You be glad!”

Get alone with the Lord and see what He has to say about your situation, write down what you are hearing and read it out loud to yourself, He knows what you are facing and He can help. When you read the book of Hebrews you find that Jesus faced every trial, temptation and problem that we have faced and He knows how to identify with our problems and knows what we need.

God loves you and me exactly the same, He knows how many hairs are on your head, He knows the day you were born and everything that has happened to you since! He always answers me, He either says yes, no, or not right now because He knows what is best for me, I trust in Him.

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