Just being a busybody, again

Recently I went to buy groceries I meant to only buy a few things hoping to limit my purchase to the Express lane. Once I got in the store I saw there was a bogo going on, buy one get one free and who can ignore that when you actually need two jars of Hellman’s Mayo, French cut green beans, soups that I use in my casseroles? I started to load my cart with things I needed and $345.00 later my cart was piled high and I was very sorry I had all those groceries to bring home, unload and put away!
Driving home I realized how hungry I was and the thoughts of all I had to do before I could actually eat made me want to cry then I had the hiccups, deep, racking hiccups which I always get when I’m that hungry. So while driving and hiccupping I started thinking about all the grumpy faces I had seen in the store!
I always smile at people in the aisle and if I see someone who looks like they’re pondering a decision on which brand to buy I always give an opinion on what I think. Most times it is appreciated, we won’t talk about the times it wasn’t. Seems like everyone in the whole store was in a bad mood! A lady seeing my full cart remarked that she dreaded the upcoming holidays and would be so glad when it was all over, what I could have told her is that my cart doesn’t wait for the holidays to get that full, it happens every week.  One guy was pleading with his wife to get something and I heard her ask him “do YOU know how to cook that?” “Well NO but if you’ll buy it I’ll LEARN how, OK?”Wow, I know that is going to be a happy meal and I was actually wondering why he needed to ask her permission to buy a food item? Is that how marriage goes these days?
Next time you go out, look around and see how many happy people you actually see, but remember while you are looking at them maybe it is you that should try to smile!

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