I needed to run faster…

I saw the commercial coming on, I was too far across the room to get to the remote and turn it off before I saw the sad faces of the skinny dogs shivering in the cold. I am a card caring member of the ASPCA so I have put my money where my pity is but I cannot stand to see those poor animals in the commercials. There is nothing I can do for them, however I looked over at my fake leather recliner where my own mixed breed rescue Lab was thoroughly ensconced and thought about how blessed fat and sassy and now graying Ruby was that we took her in when she looked like one of those dogs on the commercial and had to immediately have an operation to fix her broken hip.

Help a broken person, or a sad puppy. Don’t let the benevolence the Holiday spirit December always brings die in January the way our resolutions to lose weight and get in shape always do!

Happy 2019 !

2 Replies to “I needed to run faster…”

  1. I sure can relate to the commercials about the animals and also with the precious little childrsn. I have to turn off the sound and turn my face away

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