When He was on the Cross…

I made a comment this week this week and in it mentioned the song “When He was on the Cross I was on His mind”, I have thought about that before but now I could see myself sitting here in my recliner, ragged T-shirt, no make-up, no shoes, hair looks like a bird’s nest, yeah, me, sitting here… did He really see me? Did He know that I was going to make a fool of myself and at times do stupid things? Yes He knew all that but He also saw that I was going to worship Him with my whole heart and desire to help people that were hurting. I guess He saw that as a value and here I am, a sinner saved by grace.

Although the above is valid, it isn’t my point.

Here’s my thought. When He was on the cross He was not thinking of how much pain He was in, or resenting the people that put Him in that predicament, those people were the first ones He prayed for as He hung there, “Forgive them for they know not what they do”.  He welcomed the thief into the kingdom of heaven and then  his thought was for His mother.  John was standing there with her and Jesus said, “Woman here is your son,” and to John He said, “Here is your mother”, John took her into his home.

If I were in pain after having been tortured I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be asking forgiveness for those around me that had brought it on, or worried for anyone else’s security. Jesus set the example for us all. Yes he was God’s Son, but in that moment He was suffering, dying and feeling the pain as a flesh and blood human and on top of all that His Father had turned His face away from Him. He felt totally abandoned and yet, When He was on the cross, I was on His mind.

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