Hollywood stars #heartbeat #alyssamilano and anyone #Protesting saving a live baby with a heart beat: What are you so afraid of? When did killing a child become easier than putting on a condom or getting an IUD, a vasectomy, a hysterectomy even??? #allivesmatter #nolongerafan

I have been caring for my eleven month old grandsons. I watch them as they try to take a step, get enthralled with how their fingers work, laugh at Elmo and get a little smile on their faces when that certain blond starts singing about “the letter K stands or kindness” .Ā Twins who were very much wanted and loved beyond words, their personalities so different from each other, separate and wonderful little humans that we have the chance to watch grow. I cannot imagine ceasing their life after their hearts had begun to beat. I remember how thrilled my son and his wife were when they saw the first sonogram where they saw the hearts beats of their baby sons. They watched the film over and over again.

My point is why are Hollywood celebrities taking this so to heart that they want to kill the movie industry here in Georgia? There are exceptions within the law that protects women who have been raped, who’s life is in danger, well read it for yourself.

I would love to see the government recognize that they country of Turkey was responsible for the Armenian genocide, millions of Armenians murdered because they were Christian, or the Jewish genocide, millions of Jews murdered because they were Jewish. I would love to see people recognize the baby genocide, millions of babies murdered because they were conceived by two careless people seeking self-satisfaction without using protection to keep it from happening.

Choose life.

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