So this is what I did tonight

Tonight I went to a talent show.  I had such mixed emotions as I sat and watched as one after another nervous young person made their way to the stage to present the song or dance or instrumental they had spent hours practicing to an audience of their parents and their peers. Some were nicely done others not so much but they were each so happy when they finished and made the final bow, but the person I was there to hear was my own grandson. They saved him for the final act and as he finished the students erupted into cheers and chants and running forward to congratulate him on a job well done, his final performance as a student at that high school.

Every parent equally proud of their child as all the practice they had listened to, sometimes cringing at the bad notes hit on the piano or the off tune squeak in the voice, was finally paying off.

It was raining and I would rather have stayed home and had another cup of coffee but the pride on the face of my grandson as his whole family lined up to watch him show off made it all worth it.

Yeah, tonight I went to a talent show.

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