We are living the Impossible Dream


If you are a regular reader of this blog you probably realize that this particular one on the Impossible Dream was an inspiration of mine when it was originally published. I wanted to publish today because tomorrow, September 1, 2019 my sister’s family, the Watsons and my family, the Leguizamons are beginning another quest at 4336 King Springs Road, Smyrna, Georgia. It was my parents dream to build a church where they could minister the way they wanted to in love and prayer and on May 8, 1962 he and my mother started a work on 2800 Piedmont Road in Atlanta, Georgia that has grown into a mighty work located now in Marietta, Georgia and led by my brother. Daddy told me not long before he died that with the building of that church, and the physical body of it still stands on Defoor Avenue. He felt that 95 years was enough to live… none of us agreed with him on that point. But fifty-one years to the day his dream began, May 8, 2013, he walked out of this earthly temple and into the presence of the One he had served for so long, God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

This is dedicated to my parents who helped us believe in The Impossible Dream

To Dream…the Impossible Dream… what does that mean to you? What seems out of reach in your life? In the play for which this song was written, Man of La Mancha, Don Quixote explains his quest and the reasons behind it. He saw windmills and believed they were dragons and he fought believing that he was doing a noble deed by killing the evil beasts.

To fight…the unbeatable foe… Sometimes I feel like I am fighting against the wind and it feels as if nothing is being accomplished then suddenly things begin to fall in place and I know that because I am striving to do the right and noble thing in all I do that even though people might deem me crazy, as they did Quixote, I will be proud of myself. You cannot ask for more than that can you?

To bear…with unbearable sorrow…When a mother gives birth it is with agonizing birth pains. You are told to push and from personal experience it feels as if the pain is tearing your insides apart, but the result is the tiny baby to whom you give your heart and are able to hold in your arms. Giving up a relationship that you know isn’t right, walking away from friends that you know are leading you down a garden path that leads straight into hell and causes you a world of trouble isn’t as easy as it should be, to walk away without looking back is painful but the peace you feel in your heart, mind and soul is well worth the pain as the baby is to the mom.

To run…where the brave dare not go…I remember my “Pop” saying that my dad, “the Champ”, would go places on his motorcycle that he wouldn’t even dare to go! Sometimes it is with fear and trepidation that we go into a situation knowing what needs to be done but being fearful to be the one that speaks up!

To right…the unrightable wrong…When I read that line I think of someone that is trying to clean up a mess they have caused by opening their big mouth when they should have kept it shut! I did something recently that I very much regretted. I was trying to bring a group of people together by sending one message to them all asking for peace and goodwill, not thinking that anyone would actually respond, I just wanted them to read and think. One of them wrote and made some statements that could have incensed a part of the group to wrath! I wanted to break my own fingers for thinking I had done a good thing! It’s better to think long and hard before you open mouth and insert foot!

To love…pure and chaste from afar…This is a very hard one to put into practice. People say the heart wants what it wants, but I say when it wants something that is going to cause someone else pain then it is very wrong, just walk away. There is nothing wrong with you feeling love it is putting it into action inappropriately that is wrong.

To try…when your arms are too weary…I think we can all identify with just being bone tired and sometimes I feel I have given everything inside of me to help a situation and then I am asked to do one more thing, so I am learning to say “my arms are too weary to tote that load today”. You have to know when you have gone the stretch to try as hard as you can and then give it up to God.

To reach…the unreachable star…That is the hope for everyone listening to the ramblings of this old girl. That star for me is named Hope, the hope that I can live in such a way as to make myself proud that I actually attained the Impossible Dream.

Reading the first line to each paragraph gives you the words to the most familiar verse of that beautiful song. Read it through and be inspired to get your dream out, dust it off and start over again to dream the impossible dream!


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  1. I know that Bishop Daddy is cheering all of you on in your new quest. I wish I could be both places. 🙂 God bless all of you! I love you all so very much!

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