It’s my body! But is it?

If there is something wrong with me that needs to be fixed then it’s my responsibility to do something about it, whether I need more sleep, to take vitamins or go to the doctor! Who can make me do something about it? Only myself!  How many times I have heard,  “It’s MY body, I’m not hurting anyone but myself,”especially from young people. The old saying was “if it feels good, do it“, so when there is an STD or a pregnancy, when someone’s heart gets broken because they thought that having sex with someone meant that person was in love with them and they find that it was having fun they are devastated.

When Jesus died on the cross and purchased our salvation, we became His!

When you buy a new car would you appreciate someone opening the doors and dumping their week’s garbage in it? God paid a big price for us by giving His only Son, Jesus, and what are we doing with His Temple? We overeat, overdrink, overtake drugs, don’t get enough rest and then expect for God to keep us in tip-top health! We get in emotional trouble with someone and then blame God for it, we say, “Why does God always let this happen to me?” But did He? 1Cor. 3:16-17 You realize, don’t you, that you are the temple of God, and God himself is present in you? No one will get by with vandalizing God’s temple, you can be sure of that. God’s temple is sacred—and you, remember, are the temple.

If you are still with me, read this next scripture! 1 Cor. 6:16-20 There’s more to sex than mere skin on skin. Sex is as much spiritual mystery as physical fact. As written in Scripture, “The two become one.” Since we want to become spiritually one with the Master, we must not pursue the kind of sex that avoids commitment and intimacy, leaving us more lonely than ever—the kind of sex that can never “become one.”

There is a sense in which sexual sins are different from all others. In sexual sin we violate the sacredness of our own bodies, these bodies that were made for God-given and God-modeled love, for “becoming one” with another. Or didn’t you realize that your body is a sacred place, the place of the Holy Spirit? Don’t you see that you can’t live however you please, squandering what God paid such a high price for? The physical part of you is not some piece of property belonging to the spiritual part of you. God owns the whole works. So let people see God in and through your body.

As you can see in this scripture, God is serious about us taking care of ourselves in a lot of ways!

One thing of which I am guilty is not taking a Sabbath! Oh I go to church but is that taking a Sabbath? No, that is going to church, and we should do that, assemble with other believers and worship God, but when God created the Heavens and the Earth, what did He do? He rested! My Sunday’s are so busy! So when I wear my immune system down and get sick, is it God’s fault? Yet I (we) expect God to keep us healthy and give us healing instantly! God gave us the commandments for our own good we just need to obey them for optimum health and good feelings!

The Bible is our “users manual“, so use it!

3 Replies to “It’s my body! But is it?”

  1. I’ve got to lose 40 lbs. I can’t do it without God and I know I need more help also. I can look at alcohol products and say “No, this is the Temple the Holy Spirit lives in and so there is no decision to make”. Why oh why can’t I do the same for certain foods that lead to weight and why can’t I do that with over eating? Please pray. Thanks.

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