a few Firsts in my life…

I had a light bulb moment this week that made me start thinking of all the “firsts” in my life. There are so many that tried to get my attention I had to put up a little wall of resistance and say, “Just hold on a minute!” I wonder what is the most important firstto you?

My memory is vast and spans all the way back to being eighteen months old and playing under the bed at a members house, the girl I was with was seven years older and when her mother came in to correct us I’m not sure what first that would be but I do remember it.

Getting my foot stuck when I put it down inside a concrete block with my white high-top shoes on and my mother holding me while we waited for my dad to come home from the church and break it with a hammer to get me out. I was two.

First lie I remember getting caught in was an obvious one when I was caught with the scissors in my hand and three waist-length curls lying on the floor when I decided to cut bangs for myself, and denied doing it. I was four.

Skipping all the firsts from that time to first kiss in the backseat of a car filled with other young people, it was from a ginger-haired boy with the bluest eyes you ever saw, the kiss was tight lipped and awkward, I was 16.

First true love, wonderful, heart wrenching, devastating… enough of that one…

Lets get to the one that made me think of these things. First time motherhood. I thought I was possibly the first person to ever birth a child and was scared at the prospect of delivery when my mother, at a red light on North Avenue crossing Peachtree, pointed at the hundreds of people crossing the street in front of us and informed me that they all got here the same way. I understood. However, when my utterly perfect child was born I knew that no mother had ever had such a wonderful child and everything she did was of vast importance. When she began to scream for no reason at all I was convinced that she had a brain tumor and took her to the pediatrician with such a story that he ordered an immediate EEG. For two long hours I tried to get her to sleep so they could hook her up to all the wires, the report came back as “good news and bad news”, “What?” I asked fearing the worst, “good news she doesn’t have a brain tumor, bad news she has a terrible temper”. First  total embarrassment as a mother of a perfect child.

I could go on and on, my list is long and would bore you I’m sure but it’s fun to call up those memories and take a little look at them.

Maybe I’ll add more as time goes by…

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