Thirty days of Thanksgiving (only 30?)

Perusing through posts in Facebook I read many of the “30 Days of Thanks” and it reminded me of a Thanksgiving when my grandson Gabriel was 8 years old. He had been working all week on a little project, I didn’t understand what it was all about but he had asked me to sit down with him for an “appointment” and I did.

He told me he was making “Thankful Lists” for everyone so with his little book and his third grade writing skills he wrote down my list, then on Thanksgiving Day at lunch I realized why. He asked everyone to pay attention because he had something to say. He began, “Today is Thanksgiving, so when I count to three everyone say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!” He counted and we loudly proclaimed that it was a Happy Thanksgiving and then he got out his book and proceeded to read each of our Thankful Lists to us!

It made me realize that we had done something right because that is what the day is all about, being thankful. We enjoy the wonderful food and the fellowship of family but nothing is more important than thanking God for the many blessing He has given to us. When he finished reading the list aloud he asked if he could say the prayer over lunch, as he had prayed he told God that he was really thankful that we had a special day to be thankful and that he wished that God had a special birthday like Jesus has on Christmas, then he designated the day August 10! He told God that would be His birthday from now on, August 10! (Does that mean we have to cancel Christmas on December 25th?) Needless to say we all were shaking with mirth and he took offence to our lack of seriousness and we had to quickly make it right.

Sometimes it takes a little child to point out to us adults, who are so busy with the cares and plans and work of this life, that we are forgetting the most important thing and that is to be Thankful to God for all His goodness to us!

Two important members of our family group are now in heaven and I am grateful for all they gave to us, their children. I am very thankful that God is faithful to those of us who love Him and call on His name!

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