Addendum to K.O.K.O. and Ruth

Addendum to K. O. K. O.

While reading a comment from a reader (also a long time friend this morning) on this little “Story of Ruth” something hit me. Her comment was that Ruth had been shown the love of God through Naomi as well as Boaz and how brave it was of her to go into a strange country with her because she loved her so much and didn’t want to leave her alone.

I am very sure that when Ruth left the people she had grown up with and followed Naomi the people she let behind criticized her and probably thought she had abandoned them. She was probably sharply judged for her actions.

What’s the point? She was doing the will of God for her life and in doing so was rewarded by God and became the grandmother to the man we know as King and Psalmist, David and on down the family tree to Jesus the Christ.

God’s love covers us all.

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