What is your offering for Lent?

This is the time of year when we should be thinking about what Jesus actually did for us when He died on the cross for our sin. I heard a song that really made me think about what kind of a sacrifice, or offering I could give just to say “Dear Jesus thank you for your sacrifice of love for me.” Let me tell you about the song, at first I just listened to the haunting tune and the beautiful harmony but then I started listening to the words and it really caught me:

“When I lay my Isaac down Broken heart but my Fathers proud

 On this altar here he lays

 Just to find it wasn’t him he/(God) wanted me

 Most of us I’d dare to say

 Have an Isaac in God’s way

 On the Altar God will prove

 It’s not your Isaac that he wants

 He wants you!”

We all have an “Isaac” in our life, or one thing that is more precious to us than anything else. With you it may be substance abuse, or an immoral relationship, I won’t finish that list of possible things because you already know what it is. It’s the thing you hope God doesn’t ask you to give up if you say “Lord I will do anything for you” when what you mean is, “I will do anything for you except…”

 There was an illustration my dad used sometimes when he talked about giving your whole heart to God. He would say, “What if you went to buy a house and the owner told you that you could buy the whole house except for one room where he wanted to keep snakes and monkeys and some old trash and garbage.”He would ask the congregation, “Would you still buy that house?”

Of course the answer to that question would be NO!

So what makes you think God is willing to accept you with all your baggage, garbage and all? Is there is anything in your life you are not willing to surrender to Him and His will?

Every year during the Lenten season my dad always abstained from eating red meat for the entire time and wouldn’t have it again until after Easter Sunday, why did he do that? Was it because it is a sin to eat red meat during Lent, or God wanted him to suffer by not being able to have a thick, juicy steak for that period of time? No, he did it because it was the one food he dearly loved and he gave it up just to feel that he was sacrificing a pleasure of the flesh in recognition of the sacrifice Jesus made for him to give him salvation.

Whatever your “Isaac” is why don’t you try offering it to Him just as a way to say “Thank you for all you have done for me”.There is nothing we can do that is equal to His gift but at least it is an acknowledgement…

after all it is not that “thing” which God desires, it is YOU!

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