…and suddenly those things didn’t matter

I read someone’s post that said, “Remember last week when we thought a time change, a full moon and Friday the 13thwere a lot to deal with in one week?”

I am not one to live in fear. I believe that if I am careful, as we all should be all the time, with my hygiene and exercise caution we are safe. Do you remember as far back as the Hong Kong virus, which was supposed to wipe us out? How about the Swine flu, the Bird flu and don’t forget the Ebola virus, then there are several strains of your everyday flu for which the masses rush to get their flu shots every year. I was guilted into taking it when my parents were both under my direct care and were very elderly. I was told I could bring it to them and how guilty I would be. I got the shot and within two weeks had a horrible case of the flu I was vaccinated for and they did not catch it from me.

I am not advising you to get or to not get a shot, stay isolated in your home or go to a ball game, not the point of what I am saying… at all.

Why then?

Because the time change, the full moon nor Friday the 13thaffected me, however yesterday brought me to my knees and made those things seems, well less than.

In one day I found out that two people that I cared deeply about had died, one actually died yesterday and the other last Thursday. I am still just a little stunned.

The first one I heard about was a lady that I have been seeing many times a week for a lot of years. She was one of the people who offer to carry your groceries out for you. I never need nor do I want help carrying out my groceries, I would rather do it so that I can place them in the back of my car exactly like I want them, however this lady had become a friend to me. I comforted her during the sad time after her daughter was killed by a hit and run driver. Encouraged her during all the times she had to go to court when the driver was caught, and then trying to get insurance for the dead lady’s little daughter, all while continuing to raise another grandchild and work a job which kept her on her feet all day. Not easy for anyone I think but especially for a woman not in her prime. She would insist on helping me so she could talk to me and every time we finished putting the groceries in my car I put my arms around her and prayed for her. She would walk away wiping tears and thanking me for caring. Yesterday when I found out she had died I naturally wanted to know what had happened, it was breast cancer! She never ever breathed a word to me about it. I am devastated and only glad that I had the opportunity to pray with her often.

About fifteen minutes after I heard that I got a message that a cousin who lived In California had died. This beautiful lady was a lot older than I but when I was young she took time with me and treated me as an adult. She taught me how to knit, talked about cooking Armenian goodies and how she applied her make-up. She made me feel special. Yesterday she went to the store and brought her purchases back to the car, which is where she was found… again devastating!

So for today I am not worried about isolation or viruses, time change, the full moon or the fact that last Friday fell on the 13th, I am sad that I have lost two people I cared deeply about. They aren’t worried about getting a virus of any type now, I am convinced they are sitting in the Cloud of Witnesses and rooting for me to keep on keeping on, I will.

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