No point to this one, at all…

I was quoting the 23rd Psalm as I walked into the room with the white tomb-like MRI contraption waiting to suck me into its bowels. I was saying “He makes me to lie down in green pastures” and the tech was politely standing by when it hit me and I said, “That does not look like green pastures on which I am about to lie down!” Unexpectedly the masked person began to laugh… I didn’t think it was funny.

I lived through it…

I came in and put a meatloaf together to stretch out the three pounds of ground meat that I had, used pork rinds and cheese with eggs and milk to make it moist, I hope, and then I made a cup of coffee and sat down. Realizing it was my granddaddy’s birthday I wanted to recognize it by posting a picture of him so I started going through my old pictures…big mistake. I found myself drowning and suffocating with nostalgia needing a re-wind button…

Whom can I blame for this?

Bottom line, “Even when I’m going through hell I still can sing, ‘It is Well’ “

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