Lest We forget

Someone sent pictures to my email that were made during the Viet Nam War. One picture in particular captured my attention, stirred my soul, it made me sick to my stomach and angry all at the same time. It showed an emaciated child squatting on the ground and you could see that death was not far from him. Behind him was a vulture, at least giving him the courtesy of letting him die, before he devoured what flesh was left on his pitiful bones. The caption said the photographer that snapped that picture committed suicide soon after he had taken it.

I saw other pictures of people from WWll standing behind fences with their fingers reaching through begging for help, knowing their destination was the death chamber. But there is one picture that I remember from my school days it was Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima. It is a historic photograph taken on February 23, 1945, by Joe Rosenthal. It depicts five United States Marines and a U.S. Navy corpsman raising the flag of the United States atop Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. Of the six men depicted in the picture, three were killed during the battle. I thank those men for standing up for me, protecting my rights and freedoms with their life’s blood.

Viet Nam comes closer to home as so many young men that I knew went and fought in those jungles, and whatever you think of the outcome, they were there to defend our honor. I thank them for giving their time, efforts, in some cases their sanity, and their lives to protect and defend me.

My voice is small and, as I have said before, unless this obscure piece is read no one will know that I appreciate their efforts, but it makes me feel better to at least say it to you, and hopefully you will also speak out and say your own thanks to someone who has served in the defense of our country, America.

Jesus hung on a thankless cross to defend and protect our freedom of salvation, our right to have an eternal home in the heavenlies, to have healing and help with our asking. I thank Him for giving His life for me, for saving me, for healing me.

As our young men left homes protected and loved by parents to go into war zones, Jesus left the comfort of heaven to face the war zone Satan planned for Him on this earth. As I did not earn my salvation by any acts of righteousness, I have not earned the protection by any man or woman that has ever served in the military.

The Marine’s “Semper Fidelis” says it for all branches of the military and for our Savior, “Always Faithful”

3 Replies to “Lest We forget”

  1. Right again as usual. We Americans have a fight on our hands again to defeat this HATRED for our President . this is a war on TRUTH and God fearing people. BOTTOM LINE

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  2. Such a truthful reflection and a memorial of remembrance of the agony and yet victory we have in Christ. Those battle scars that made it through and those that were escorted on the battlefield to their permanent heavenly home, may we always give respect to those that served our country. Thank you for this memorable post.😀❤️🙏🙏🙏

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