A Stirring in my Soul

This article was written by my nephew Noah Daniell Watson, son of my sister Janet Mushegan Watson. I am putting it here with his permission. It is a very important read and I agree with every word.

Ararat Church

May 12 at 7:25 PM · 

A stirring in my soul:

To a Christian nation,

My beloved sisters and brothers, recently we mourned and still are mourning the tragic death of a young man in south Georgia.

To target someone because of his color alone is evil. No excuses.

We all bleed the same. In fact, except for the genetics that control our skin, hair, and eye color, we are genetically indistinguishable. That is, there is only one class of humanity. There is only one race – the human race. There are different nations and nationalities, many tongues and kindreds, many tribes and families. But there is only one race. Even our census forms don’t understand this, but it is, nevertheless, indisputably true from both of God’s Sacred Revelations: Creation and the Bible. 

If you were in the hospital and needed a transfusion, race won’t be a consideration.

God decided to give different colors to the human race, as well as the ability to propagate this trait to our descendants. The same goes for different eye color, hair colors, ear size and shape, flat feet, long legs, and belly button convexity. 

From inside, however, we all bleed and operate the same.

Please don’t look down on someone, because his color – or eye, or nose, or hair, or hand – does not look like yours. 

Grow up.

Racism is a sin before God.

Don’t be led by fantasies and fables, and don’t seek – or make – an enemy where there is none.

As an American Pastor of both middle eastern Armenian and western European descent, I am begging you to bury racism forever. I am not speaking this from some uninformed idealism. I live this.

I have ancestors from a persecuted, murdered, oppressed people.

-And so I forgive.

I have ancestors from the persecutors of another people.

-And so I repent.

The person of Jesus is my only aspiration. His Word is my only guide.

God’s prophet, Daniel, repented for sins that he didn’t personally commit. He repented on the behalf of his sinful nation – calling out for Divine mercy and intervention – and he glorified God while in exile. As a prophetic intercessor, he paved with his prayers the way for his people to return; out of exile and back to Jerusalem.

God’s Messiah, Jesus, forgave sinners who didn’t deserve it. He forgave on the behalf of God, and glorified God as the rightful, yet rejected, King of Israel. As the Priestly King, He paved – with His own blood – the way for all who would be His people to return; out of hell and back to God.

Like I said, Jesus is my only aspiration, and His Word is my only guide.

So, I forgive.

So, I repent.

If I can do it, then so can you.

Please start teaching your kids from your homes and schools.

Educate your families. 

Bring love and reconciliation in your Church.

Love one another as Christ loves us.

Another innocent life is under the ground because of our brokenness.

Broken people break people. Healing – NOT RETRIBUTION – is the solution.

We cannot refrain from speaking up for justice, especially for those whose voices are either unheard or dismissed. We are to love one another as we love ourself; as Christ loves us. There is no other better measure.

Love others as yourself.

Love others as Christ loves you.

This is the one and only lasting, stable foundation for human rights; not that we really have any rights at all, but that God Himself gives us two things of immutable, inestimable value:

-His Image

-His blood

Whether its aborting the child in her mother’s womb, or aborting the future of a young man jogging in the street, the Word of God convicts us:

“Love one another, as I have loved you.”

You have the Divine Image. You may receive the Divine sacrifice. You have received the Divine command. This is the basis for human rights: His image, His blood, His Command.

So, are you dismissing a life – or even taking a life – so as to suit your own lifestyle? Or, are you giving your life for the life and wellbeing of others? Do you look more like Jesus or more like the Roman crucifiers? The religious betrayers? The silent multitude?

If ever you have acted like a racist or offended someone because of your physical differences, I encourage you to get your heart straight before God. Ask for forgiveness to those whom you offended. This applies to everybody, white, black, purple, blue, pink, and ivory.

And let it not stop there. With an unswerving commitment to love and truth, speak up about these issues. Educate your friends and your neighborhood. Do your part to prevent this from happening again. The solution is not going to come from Washington. The solution will come from your heart…your faith….from showing your faith by your works.

I happen to be a pastor who is not African-American. I have amazing brothers and sisters, wonderful friends, who happen not to be of my same color. I am ready to give my life to protect any of them, and I encourage, love them, and accept them including their God given color.

I am not color blind. I see your color, and I love you, color and all. I hope you may be able to see and love me in the same way. I hope that we all can.

I am speaking to Christians. Repent and forgive. Time is short. God is calling. Jesus is coming. The Spirit is stirring.






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