Colonel Rawbutt is getting off the horse!

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Why was he called Colonel Rawbutt? 

Because he rode 500 miles in the desert on his horse bareback.

Yeah it was a joke in elementary school, grammar school, lower school (that should include all the age groups that may drop by) and it came to me loud and clear this morning while I was making Keto peanut butter cookies, nothing to do with the cookies. I just do my best thinking if I am cooking or playing music and my thoughts were flying fast and furious, underline the furious part.

Why did I feel furious in my thoughts?

I think that a lot of people (including myself) have raw butts not from riding a horse but from, at least publicly, riding the fence. And why?

The people who do not have raw butts are the ones who have landed on their side of the fence landing on a heaping pad of bitterness, gall, and angry words at those of us who are silently riding that fence to keep from tasting that bitterness, gall and angry words first hand. 

The BGA crowd wait in a prowling position to leap on top of anyone who dares to have a different opinion, why don’t they dread us?

Because we keep our sanctimonious, righteous mouths tightly shut in defense. 

As a person who has always been known as one who would speak out, what you didn’t know about me is that I was also being very diplomatic, something pounded into me as a child that had the need to be the center of attention and told a huge lie at age 4 when I told a group of preacher’s wives that my parents were not really married, and repeated something I heard my parents say, that Mr. XXX had a terrible voice and shouldn’t try to lead the congregation in worship.

I was soundly spanked for both those infractions and then I learned that pastor’s families keep tightly shut about their political affiliations so as not to offend anyone in the congregation, my question was always, “Why do I have to be silent when they aren’t?”  

This offense even reaches into my extended family and it is not a pleasant experience to see someone you love to be angry at you because you dare to have an opinion that is different from theirs. My phone rang as I waited for my grandson to come out of school before the last election and received a tongue lashing that was unbelievable from a very much loved and respected first cousin… and WHY?

OK, I believe that Jesus is the only Son of the living and creative God the Father. I believe that He was conceived in the womb of a virgin. I believe that he died and after three days rose from the grave to take His place at the right hand of the Father. I believe that He is the ONLY way, not one of many to get to heaven, I do not believe that the Universe has any power over us, it is all God. I believe that He is going to come again and take us to be with Him as He has prepared a place for us. I believe that there are many sins that we have committed that can and will be forgiven if we simply ASK in the name of Jesus and one of those sins is abortion.

That being said, I believe that I will cast my vote with my conscience and say there has been too much innocent blood shed and I cannot stand for any candidate that not only says it is ok to slaughter the innocent child while it is still a seedling in the womb with a heartbeat but that it is ok for the child to be born and have its spinal cord cut, it’s vocal cords cut or lain on a table while the mother decides whether it will be killed or let live. I will not help elect by voting for a presidential candidate nor a judge that believes those things are simply ok and a mother’s right, it is no longer her body to choose when that other person has a heartbeat. 

That is the end of my statement. 

If you don’t agree with me at least my butt will not be raw from sitting on that fence and letting you think because I am silent that I agree with you. Delete me, ban me, hide me from your feed (I have probably already unfollowed you) and let’s see who is right or wrong at the day of ultimate judgement.

Wow, that feels good.

6 Replies to “Colonel Rawbutt is getting off the horse!”

  1. Like you, I don’t have a raw butt. I know that aborting innocent lives is not ethical. I could never vote for anyone who, especially professes to be a Christian, yet has no problem with abortion. Who on this earth has the right to take a life?

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  2. Im glad your butt feels better. Like you, I will not be voting for him.

    But I tell you what… I am interested in those peanut butter cookies. I would vote for those!

    As for the vote, I don’t preach against voting, but I sure hope Jesus gets honored. Not that you will find that on the ballot, but I hope so.

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    1. Amen and amen and the cookies are to die for, well not to DIE for but by the time they come out of the oven the squirrels around here are going crazy 🙂
      On a serious note, the country of Armenia was fully attacked today by the Turkish army killing many people. Armenia was the first Christian nation, they have turned away from God and I believe He has lifted the hedge of protection… God help them and God help us if we don’t return to our roots, the prayers our forefathers prayed when they dedicated this country to God. Oh well, sweet dreams Agent X, I wish for you some peanut butter cookies!


  3. My beliefs are like yours and I definitely believe in voting against a person running for office that believes otherwise.

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