Honored person, shameful deeds

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A funny thought was presented to me this morning when I was discussing giving honor to whom honor is due with my cousin, Duane. We were having a rollicking talk about trying to hide truths about people we know for the sake of, what? Protecting our own reputations for having been associated? Our own nefarious deeds? I said, “Well the truth will all come out at the Great Judgement Day….” And then pointed out the fact that I am happy that I’m not God, having to listen to all the alibis and excuses while hoping for grace that has already been shunned, too late. I’m sure I would do a terrible job of judging.

Then he said something that I had honestly never thought of before. How do some of our Bible heroes feel about having their flesh faults put on display in the Bible for us to all read? 

Adam and Eve had a cushy life then they disobeyed and on top of that lied to God, to His face! So, do we forget that God chose Adam to name all the living creatures and care for the Garden while we remember his dastardly deed of eating the fruit and blaming the beautiful creature that God gave to him as a helpmeet?

Noah is the man who found grace in the eyes of the Lord and built the Ark that God gave him the instructions to build to save his family, but the writer doesn’t leave us with that but tells us  he was found by his sons drunk and naked, kind of embarrassing.

Abraham, our Father of Faith is surely upset about that fact that he lied, not once but twice about his wife Sarah was reported along with his faith in God by offering his only son Isaac on the altar. Then his nephew Lot was given wine until he was so drunk that he had sex with both of his daughters,

again… embarrassing.

What about David, the man “after God’s own heart” who was also guilty of adultery and murder of the man of the woman for whom he lusted? And don’t forget Samson, God’s strong arm who lost his hair and his strength because his loins ached for Delilah.

Are you feeling better about yourself?

What if all you have done were put out there for everyone to read? I say it would behoove us to walk to the cross and put all of our sins under the blood. The blood is indelible, cannot be washed off revealing what is underneath…

          and everybody said Amen, took a deep breath and sighed with great relief!

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  1. I have actually thought about this. Sadly, I do feel better when I read about these great men of God’s faults & failures,but at the same time it gives me hope.


  2. Ha! Good one…
    I noticed some years ago that list of Bible heroes in Hebrews and the nice things the Bible “remembers” about these scoundrels that the Old Testament doesn’t whitewash.

    Somehow, I think God’s LOVE overcomes a multitude of sins. If not, I’m sunk.

    I think about the Prodigal son, as we call him. He is a parable… a fiction character Jesus presents. But we find that just because he is fictitious, that doesn’t mean he is any less real or true. In fact, most often, we see ourselves in him. And that is appropriate. Not exactly the point, I don’t think, but appropriate enough. Quite honestly, I see the son in that story… lost in a foreign land… standing in for all Israel. There’s a humbling thought – especially for Israel. Israel was God’s son who gave up on God and wound up exiled in a foreign land.

    Whatever the case, the Father in the story, pretty much always factors out to be God. And his LOVE for this sinful son is what counts. The son comes home busted down and not even looking for a handout at all. He will find PLENTY of grace if he can just hire out as the lowest of help servants. But the FATHER has been watching the horizon every day… scanning and hoping against hope that the boy will return.

    (Oh “snap” as they say… I just lost a whole paragraph of my comment!)

    Anyway… the older brother of course wants his party. The older brother is very unhappy with the grace afforded this younger brother. I think the Pharisees and uptight types this parable is directed at are invited to see their ancestry as the son gone into the foreign land. This gets a little of the filth on them too – or more accurately highlights it. But it also highlights that God, the Father, is not the one hung up on this mess. It’s them… trying to play the role of the older brother.

    I have kids. They commit sins against the diapers you don’t want me to describe! Unforgivable and unholy things!!! The older they get, the more damaging their sins. I cannot condone misbehavior, and I certainly aim to bring discipline, but I never lose sight of my love for them, and I would feel terrible if I thought they did.

    I started out as a prison minister. I worked with some really bad bad boys in there. I met a couple whose mamas gave up on them. That is rare. Even in the bowels of a Texas State Prison farm among killers and child rapists, Mama is the very last one to give up on loving these people. Only THE FATHER holds out more hope… scanning the horizon.

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    1. I love the thought of the dad standing in the evening scanning the horizon, the road, wondering how long it will take. I’m so blessed to have had a flesh dad that was so much like the God I know that’s it’s easy to believe He is watching for me. God forgives us, it’s harder to forgive ourselves. Seeing our own misdeeds instead of the grace that is there. Where sin abounds grace does much more abundantly abound. 🙏😇

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  3. Good thoughts and teaching from you and agent x (You make a case He is right there with answers ) We are all Gods people with faults and all.

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