Sir, are you homeless?

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I went into the grocery store, just a quick trip. I got the three items I needed and then followed a divine aroma to the deli to get some of those delicious smelling chicken tenders and a diet Pepsi. 

Walking toward the checkout area I saw a strange sight; it was a young man that had two full sized blankets folded under a backpack. The blankets were standing above his head and dragging the floor, but they were tightly secured with that backpack. He had a hat pulled over his hair and almost down to his eyes. 

I watched him walk around just looking and wondered what he was going to choose, but as I was checking out, I noticed that he walked past the checkout counter and out the door.

I asked the cashier to give me cash, but the transaction was already completed, and she couldn’t let me get cash without buying something else.

I left my cart and followed the young man out the door. “Sir, SIR”, he finally turned around, “are you homeless?” Stupid question I know, obviously he was but I didn’t know how to approach him, “yes I am” he said as he only half turned toward me. 

I said, “I saw you looking around, but you didn’t buy anything, do you need money? Can I buy you some food?” He looked at me then and said, “I was looking for cheap candy, I can buy it at the dollar store.” Then I offeredGo in the store with me and I will buy you anything you need.” At that point he turned to walk away so I said, “Tell me your name, I want to pray for you.” He answered with, “I don’t feel comfortable telling people my name.”

 My parting word to him was, “I’ll pray for you, God knows who you are.”

I walked back into the store, retrieved my cart and left just stunned that anyone would walk away from a blessing. He was carrying his whole world on his back and I offered him food and prayer and he didn’t accept either.

As I thought about it, I wondered how many times we walk away from blessings that we don’t recognize or have too much pride to accept. Salvation and all the benefits that being the child of God brings are ours for free…

                     why walk away from the blessings He is offering to go and find cheap candy?

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  1. Thanx for caring! Thanx for trying!

    You just don’t really know what your blessing did. You might have planted a seed. You might have watered it. You didn’t get the chance to control it, but proclaiming Jesus and offering prayer, AND THEN actually praying despite the cold shoulder you got, any and all of that still touches souls.

    I will never forget Mack. He was probably schizophrenic personality. Paranoid and would withdraw suddenly if he thought you were talking to him about 95 percent of the time. He looked scary… a little like Manson. He could get a little short and snooty, and that MIGHT come off a bit threatening sometimes. But as I came around frequently, I continually offered my blessings and he would withdraw. I felt slighted, but eventually I figured he was mentally afflicted. That was confirmed when one time I took communion to Tent City and found him lingering in the bushes almost out of sight. Hovering near the glory, but afraid to approach. We gave some of the cracker and juice to this homeless lady’s dog, and I saw he seemed jealous. So I took a bit of sacraments and set them a couple of paces from the bush. About five minutes later in the midst of our prayer service, he slipped forward and took the cracker and wine back into the bushes.

    Not exactly honoring the assembly as I would idealize, but perhaps Jesus is gracious with one so afflicted. I hope. And I think sharing with the dog helped Mack dare to almost join us. I think he wanted to just touch the hem of the shirt, hoping to go unnoticed.

    We noticed, but we did not burden him with our need to notice. I hope Jesus honors that. Dunno, really. Its not what Jesus did, but I sense he would care. I hope.

    I bet you see the guy again. I will pray you do.

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