Are you a Liar?

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Reading about the life of Jesus you see that he healed the lame, the blind, the deaf and raised the dead…

John 12:37 

But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet they believed not on him:

Jesus had feelings as a man, I’m sure it grieved Him when Peter denied Him to His face, and the others scattered out of fear for their life…He had to have felt hurt when He asked them to pay with Him for one hour and they all fell asleep…perhaps they didn’t realize He was just before being beaten until His life was nearly gone but kept alive so that he could be tortured more, maybe had they known that they would have taken the time to pray a little longer.

As He hung on the cross His prayer was to forgive them…I know He was forgiving the people who were crucifying Him but also the people to whom He had given so much who turned their back on Him and forgot that He had told them all these things would happen.

That was Jesus, our Lord and Savior…

So why does it bug me that people are so fickle?

Now I am beginning to take some things very personally, so let me ask this, who am I to you?

Some of you only know me by what you see written here as you read my (almost) daily blogs, others know me as the “preacher’s daughter”, the one that played the organ or led the choir. Perhaps you were one of the Friday night faithful who attending the prayer meetings I held or signed up for a Bible class I was teaching. You waited in line to talk to me after church because you had a prayer need and knew that I would listen and pray and pray until you got an answer. 

I was never known as the good time friend who went to parties, although when I did go to one, I made you laugh. You told me your secrets, I kept them. You asked me for money, I gave it to you. You told me you loved me, I loved you all.

Don’t vote the way they think you should…delete

Don’t delete someone from your friend list they don’t like when they ask you to do so…delete

Go to another place of worship when you feel it is the right thing to do… delete?

Well not altogether, you are still asked to pray when they get sick or are in trouble, will send a private text saying they love you where no one else can see it…but never show up to show their support.

I think that the recent wave of people so callously ridding themselves of family and friends because of how they voted, or maybe where they attend church has just gotten under my skin. There are so many people around us dying, can’t we just all get along and be friends? Jesus is coming soon, remember that the Bible says if we say we love God and don’t love our brother then we are liars. Are you a liar? 

Can’t you just love each other anyway?

Stop and think on these things…

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