You can agree or disagree, no matter!

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This from the grandmother of twin two-year old boys! 

I don’t get to watch very much on television, reading a book is about impossible … you get the picture. On the days I don’t have the guys there are too many things waiting to be done and I still don’t get it all done. I figure when I die it is all going to remain to be done and I won’t be there to do it anyway… however I digress…

The reason I tell you that is this, when I DO get a chance to see a show I want to be entertained for a few minutes and I am very, very, extremely tired of everything I have formerly watched and enjoyed becoming…

                                          PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS!

OK, I am socially conscience, I wear a mask because I have to, not because I believe I am going to catch nor spread a disease; I have friends from all socioeconomic groups, from every race, religion, yes and even from the political group with which I am totally opposed!

                                           DOES THAT COVER IT?

So, when I finally get to sit in my recliner, pull my blanket up over my legs and push back to discover that the whole show should be shown in a school showing them how to/how not to act towards their fellow man…well you get my point, right?

I read a comment from the news yesterday that said a group was protesting the old musical “Grease” because it was “Racist, Rapey, Homophobic, and Slut-Shaming”!

It was a movie made in the 1970’s about the 1950’s!

IT’S JUST A MUSICAL, get over yourself. 

What’s next? The Sound of Music? 

Dear Lord in heaven, why can’t we just all get along and agree to disagree without making such a scene of it all (which I realize I am doing as I speak)? 

I reserve your right to disagree with me, if so then I disagree with you also. 

What I do know is that this is all so unimportant in the grand scheme of things. What I would rather you be worried about is your eternal salvation. Are you ready to meet Jesus? He really is coming soon and if you disagree with that then I pray you come to the realization of the truth.

God is good. Forgive me if I have offended you, I too am offended.

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