here’s one I never, ever told you

After a conversation I had with my son about his soon-to-be three-year-old twin sons, and then reading a blog on the Fat Beggars School of Prophets titled, Naked People of the Bible (pronounced Neked) I had a memory, several memories surface that I want to share…stay tuned… allow me to speak of myself in the third person…ok?

There was a little girl who was probably too smart for her britches, as the old folk used to say. She was an only child for the first 4 ½ years of her life, learned to read the comic papers and Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories before she started first grade. 

She started first grade in one town in S.C. and before the year was over was transferred to another school in N.C. 

                                            First grade completed… 

main comment on the report card was, “Merry talks too much” … (don’t ask)

Second grade was started in yet another town, this time in a very small town in Tennessee where this precocious young lady convinced her teacher and principal that she had already learned everything they were teaching in her new second grade class in the school she had been… so was quickly transferred to the third-grade class of “Miss Lovelady”.

With her high aptitude for reading, she had zero comprehension of math, however she had a solution, or so she thought when she was handed a sheet of math problems to solve.

Miss Lovelady brought the paper to her desk and said, “Merry, what is this?” The answer came quickly as she looked at the page where each problem was answered with scribbled symbols as the answer… “I did my problems in Armenian!” I am sure that the teacher wanted to burst out laughing (I would have if I had been that teacher), but told the child, “Well do them again in English so we can all understand the answers!”

                     That young lady, who’s blog you are now reading, failed 7th grade algebra under the very stern blue-eyed stare of Mr. Davis, who I am now convinced was prejudiced…

That same little girl learned all her “Bible songs’ from a wonderful woman, Mrs. Hunt. She made a production of every song from “I’m in the Lord’s Army” to “Hallelu, Hallelu”, “Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man”, and “Jesus Loves Me”. It was as if each one of those songs carried the answer to salvation and gave me such a love for them.

In thinking back, I realize what a weight you have when you undertake to teach little children. They remember how you treated them, and they know whether you believe what you are telling them or not. 

                             You make an impact on their life, don’t ever take it lightly.

Matthew 19:14 Jesus speaking, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children”

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  1. You were a mess! I was, too. My 1st grade teacher asked me how I had money for milk every single day. I replied, “My mama gets it playing penny ante poker ” My mother never played poker! Lol Naturally, she told my parents what I said. In truth, my dad did play poker occasionally. On a serious note, children will remember how they were treated. This same teacher was not kind. She was young. Maybe it was her 1st year of teaching. I don’t know, but I truly can’t remember any kindness from her for any student. She was harsh in her speech & mannerisms. I was scared to death of her. Kids remember & it remains with them – good or bad.

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